Package: PEG 2018 - Audit and Review Update

In this course we will provide an overview of the 12-step audit process and the 6 step review process as outlined in PEG.  We will cover changes to the standards and how PEG has been updated to reflect these changes, including the new auditor reporting which is effective for years ending on or ...

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Package - Focus on Forms - PEG 2018

On-demand videos for each of the key PEG 2018 audit and review forms. 

Learn how to use and complete the PEG forms on a form-by-form basis. Each video is approximately 5-7 minutes and illustrates how to document audit evidence and discussions using examples in the PEG 2018 audit and review forms.


Multiple Lecturers

Pragmatic Excel - Pivot Tables

Many users shy away from pivot tables, thinking that specialized knowledge is required. In fact, pivot tables are one of the easiest and best features to use in Excel, as long as you follow a few simple ground rules. In no time you'll be transforming staid and/or overwhelming data sets into ...

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David Ringstrom

Package - Level 1

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This package contains introductory courses in assurance, accounting and other relevant skills that are appropriate for junior level staff or a refresher for other levels.

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