Designing Effective Presentations

In this engaging program, we will examine the latest in instructional design research to ensure your content and visual aids are helping your presentation delivery.  Topics include:

  • The dos and don’ts of Powerpoint
  • Pictures vs words
  • The story arc method of content design

Picture of Garth Sheriff
Garth Sheriff

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Practitioners

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the soft skill needed for finance professionals to manage their technical skills and bring them to optimal performance. 

Picture of Nada Kamaleddine
Nada Kamaleddine

Your Path to Social Leadership on Linkedin

Coming Soon!  Now in Production

This course helps you understand why you as a professional, executive or as an organization need to have a presence on LinkedIn. 

Picture of Joachim Ravoth
Joachim Ravoth

Relevant Skills: Active Brainstorming

Innovation practices can be learned and applied to many different types of CPA meetings, whether they're with your internal team members and/or external clients. Idea generation needs to be guided by a leader who can encourage all participants to contribute, and guide the development of fresh new...
Picture of Kitty Danks
Kitty Danks

Relevant Skills: Making Good Inquiries

Significant time is spent in both an audit and review engagements making inquiries of management and others. In this course you will learn five key principles necessary for performing an effective client interview. These include preparing for an interview, listening to what you are told, ...
Picture of Stuart Hartley
Stuart Hartley