Pragmatic Excel - Logic Functions

In this presentation Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, leads off with a brief discussion of the IF function in Microsoft Excel and then goes beyond the basics. You'll see how quickly nesting multiple IF functions together can go awry, as well as see alternatives, including IFNA, MINIFS, ...

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Course Description

Who should attend:

Practitioners who would benefit by learning more about Excel’s logical functions and decision-making formulas.


Topics covered:

 • Learning about the MAXIFS function available in certain versions of Excel 2016. 

• Understanding when you might wish to use ISERROR or ISNA instead of IFERROR. 

• Auditing portions of a formula by using the F9 key to temporarily convert part of a formula to a value. 

• Streamlining the decision-making process with the IFS function in Office 365. 

• Testing for two or more conditions at once with Excel’s AND function. 

• Employing the SUBSTITUTE function as an alternative to complex formulas based on the IF function. 

• Comparing the MIN, SMALL, MAX, and LARGE functions. 

• Using the COUNTIF function to determine the number of times an item appears in a list. 

• Discovering the capabilities of the SUMPRODUCT function for calculating payroll and other amounts. 

• Employing the IFERROR function for situations where VLOOKUP returns #N/A. 

• Reconstructing spreadsheet data to use VLOOKUP as a better alternative to nesting IF functions. 

• Mastering the IFERROR function to display alternate values in lieu of a # sign error. 

Learning objectives:

• Recall the maximum number of criteria pairs that the SUMIFS function permits.

• Identify the function that can multiply cells together and provide a sum of the result.

• Name what the SUMIFS function returns if a match cannot be found.





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