Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Practitioners

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the soft skill needed for finance professionals to manage their technical skills and bring them to optimal performance. 

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Course Description

This course will come as an essential guide to help you reach happiness with what you do. It aims at changing your outlook on how you perceive your job, from being a chore to becoming a space for creativity and self-empowerment. Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness are a staple of employee development in several Fortune 500 organizations including General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Google, Apple, and Nike, due to their direct impact in improving well being, performance, engagement and bottom line profits. Practicing emotional intelligence does not have to be complicated, we designed this course using Mindfulness and Visualization as effective and simple tools to help you become highly emotionally intelligent. 

This course is designed to be easily understood by absolute beginners while allowing those with previous knowledge to enforce the application of Emotional Intelligence in their work life. The course comes with working exercises, tools, and an action plan to help you dive deep and reflect. In the end, you will be able to use the new skills and tools to immediately apply Emotional Intelligence to your professional life in order to achieve your desired goals.

Course Walkthrough

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 - Task Evaluation
  • Part 2 - Visualization
  • Part 3 - Mindfulness
  • Part 4 - Action Plan
  • Conclusion
  • Course Materials
  • Feedback / comments
  • Certificate: Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Practitioners

About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Nada Kamaleddine
Nada Kamaleddine

Nada Boutarieh Kamaleddine is a Chartered Professional Accountant and a Certified Global Management Accountant.  Nada brings over fifteen years of experience in the field of financial leadership, specializing in delivering high-quality team building solutions and financial results that align with organizational strategy and people culture.  In the course of her career, she worked primarily in complex, fast-changing organizations leading teams of chartered accountants and financial professionals. 

Throughout her career and for the past 20 years, Nada has been practicing mindfulness while taking  training on emotional intelligence and leadership.  Nada incorporates mindfulness and emotional intelligence into her leadership style and always finds transforming results in terms of creative performance, team building, and overall energy and engagement.  This inspired her to start a consulting firm, NB Consulting, where she offers courses and training to professionals, designed to help them enhance their soft skills in order to manage their careers and businesses effectively and joyfully.   Nada is an instructor with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario teaching emotional intelligence, she is, as well, an official speaker with the Human Resources Professional Association of Canada.  Her training is offered at organizations throughout Canada to enhance employee wellness and satisfaction.  For more information visit https://nbconsulting.ca/