Blockchain: A Transformative Technology

The amazing origin story of Blockchain rising from the financial crisis to the introduction of bitcoin and now saving the world.

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Course Description

Blockchain has been described as a transformative technology that will fundamentally change our relationships with third-party intermediaries including banks, lawyers and accountants. Blockchain technology has the potential to be a significant disruptor in terms of how business transactions are initiated, authorized and recorded. It has been compared in magnitude to the introduction of the internet. But what is Blockchain, how does it work and why should we care?

In this online course, we answer those 3 questions while also providing the cinematic and amazing origin story for this game-changing technology

Understanding the origins of blockchain

Learning about the practical applications of blockchain technology

Learning SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) action steps to stay informed and ready to explore opportunities provided by these transformative technologies.

Course Walkthrough

  • Part 1 - Introduction
  • Part 2 - Origin Story
  • Part 3 - When, Who, Why
  • Part 4 - Bitcoin
  • CM01 Bitcoiin
  • Part 5 - Internet
  • Part 6 - How
  • Part 7 - Challenges
  • Part 8 - Cryptocurrency
  • Part 9 - So What
  • CM02: Brainstorm ideas
  • Part 10 - Conclusion
  • CM03: SMART Action steps
  • Feedback / comments
  • Certificate: Blockchain: A Transformative Technology

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